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IS 305 - Scripting for Automation

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>> Please Note: What to do at the end of the quarter. 1) Keep your Confirmation Notebook for 4 months as a backup of your assignments (see your Getting Started page and FAQ section for more details), DO *NOT* SEND ME YOUR CONFIRMATION NOTEBOOK, 2) All work, including Late and redo work, must be posted by the last due date for this class, 3) I will be focusing on getting grades in and will be responding to Ask_Mark and emails significantly less in the coming days, 4) Note that the class Web site will be taken off-line at the end of finals for maintenance to prepare for next quarter, 5) Delete all media associated with this class (Title 17 of the United States Code ยง 110(2)), and 6) Have a safe and awesome break! Thanks for making this a great class. -Mark

NEW! Creating a ID header for a program -Mark

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