Mark Westlund's
Classes for Winter 2020
At Olympic College

Know IT / Share IT / Live IT / Because Information Technology is a Lifestyle

>> Please Note: Possible delays in grading. I usually spend most of Wednesday grading. Once a quarter I meet with IT leaders from our community as part of the CIS Advisory Board to help guide the development of CIS at OC. I will be spending about half the day involved with this meeting and this will impact how I spend Wednesday. I will work on grading as best I can on Wednesday and there may be a delay in the grading of some assignments. I hope to have all grading done by Friday. 👍 -Mark

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★ Classes I will be teaching this quarter

CIS 110 Information Systems Concepts (online)
CIS 111 Introduction to Operating systems (online)
CIS 111 Introduction to Operating systems (ground, Tu/Th 1pm)
CIS 114 Introduction to HTML (online)
CIS 115 Introduction to the Internet (online)